You want to play?

We need you to have a safe place to store your armies and soldiers. The perfect place is in a secure wallet like MetaMask. This will also act as your login to the game (no password needed).

Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account—treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words.

Install Metamask Learn more about KryptoWar

Oops, you’re on the wrong network

Simply open MetaMask and switch over to the Main Ethereum Network.

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Here are the strongest countries of the Blockchain

All of the initial armies have been acquired but you can still purchase one from another player. You can improve your country by getting new weapons or soldiers or even by creating provinces that can be acquired by other users.

You can also attack other countries to gain XP points and climb our ranking. There are only 100 countries available.

Loading the countries

The last battles

Fight against other KryptoArmies.

Once your KryptoArmy is ready you will be able to attack other armies to gain experience. The army with the most experience will appear in first in our ranking.

Improve your KryptoArmy.

Improve your KryptoArmy to create the strongest army on the Blockchain.