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Provinces & new Factories available today

Published on: February 5, 2018

Hello everyone,

Today, is an exciting day. As you can see on the current countdown, we are releasing a massive update that will let countries' owners create and sell provinces. As I explained here, provinces will be able to produce Gold that can be sold to factory owners. Factories will now need Gold to produce and sell weapons. Provinces will also be able to create an army to make their parent country stronger.

There will be some new factories available when the countdown will reach 0. Make sure to grab one quick if you are interested.

Here are some more details about the update:

🔥 New battle system 🔥

  • Countries can now attack other countries only once every 2 hours.
  • The losing country will lose some XP.
  • When an army attack another army it loses "strength" and become "easier" to win, especially if the attacking army lost the battle.
  • Countries will earn more XP than before when the win a battle
🥇 New ranking 🥇
  • We are also integrating the country's GDP in our ranking to encourage countries to have a strong economy. A country's GDP can be improved by owning factories or by having provinces produce and sell a lot of Gold.
🎁 Surprise 🎁
  • The leading army will receive 10% of every Gold transactions. Which means that if a factory purchase 1 ETH of Gold to some provinces we will transfer 0.1 ETH to the current leading army.

I really hope you will like this update.

Thank you all.