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What you should expect from the next update

Published on: February 9, 2018

Hello everyone,

The provinces update was released very recently and I think it's important to spend some time thinking about the impact it had on the game.

The integration of the Gold market was a big change in the game economy, it allows capital to flow from players to players more frequently and it increases the engagement in the game since provinces owners must come back to claim their daily gold. It also increases the complexity of the game and makes it way more interesting to play.

Currently the Gold can be used only to purchase weapons, this will change in future updates as my goal is to make Gold more and more useful. I am thinking a lot about requiring Gold to produce Soldiers and / or requiring Gold to battle other armies. This would give the opportunity to every armies to purchase Gold which would make the market more liquid.

Currently, provinces can only produce Gold and help their country by creating an army. This is of course temporary, I am currently working on giving provinces the ability to battle each other (maybe to steal Gold from another province). There is a lot of thing to think about when creating this kind of system as I don't want provinces owners to be too frustrated if they are being attacked too much.

You should also expect to see the #2 and #3 countries get a share of the Gold transactions. They are strong countries and should be rewarded along with the #1 country.


I said it before but I want to say it again, you should not play this game only if you expect a ROI. KryptoWar is not an investment, it's a game. There is nothing wrong in paying to play a game (the mobile gaming market is a strong example of that). The only difference between KryptoWar and some successful mobile games is that with KryptoWar, most of the money put into the game flow from users to users instead of flowing directly to the dev. This doesn't make KryptoWar an investment, this is still a game like many others. If you don't enjoy it, don't play it. If you feel that a specific item in the game is too expensive don't purchase it.

A lot of blockchain games right now are build around simple pyramidal systems that can generate a lot of revenue for some users but that will let a lot of late users disappointed. I don't want KryptoWar to be the same kind of game, this is why I am working so hard to create a strong gameplay that users enjoy engaging with. If you play this game only to make money you are on the wrong place.

You should also expect the game to evolve a lot as nothing is set in stone. This might be disappointing for some users but it is important in the long term.

I've listened to your remarks regarding the license cost for provinces. While I still think that it was a good idea as it is a way to limit the creation of provinces to engaged users you will see less things like that in the future as I will try to base the revenue generated by KryptoWar as much as possible on the Gold transactions. It will be a great motivation to improve the gameplay.

While I am a big fan of transparency I can't spend as much time as possible with you on Discord, don't view it as a lack of engagement in KryptoWar, I simply try to spend as much time as possible working on some new updates.

Thank you all for playing and remember to play safely ❤️