You want to play?

We need you to have a safe place to store your armies and soldiers. The perfect place is in a secure wallet like MetaMask. This will also act as your login to the game (no password needed).

Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account—treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words.

Install Metamask Learn more about KryptoWar

Oops, you’re on the wrong network

Simply open MetaMask and switch over to the Main Ethereum Network.

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The Cipher Browser is a great app that gives you access to any dApp on your mobile phone

Published on: January 12, 2018

As a developer in the dApp ecosystem, it can be frustrating to see that many users don't have access to the tools (like Metamask or the Cipher Browser) that could give them access to web3js and dApps in general.

I recently downloaded the Cipher Browser and I was amazed by its quality. We had to spend some time to update KryptoWar to make it available to smaller screens but I'm delighted to know that mobile users can now user our Ethereum game if they download Cipher. You can download Cipher on Android and iOS phones

For those who don't know about it, it's basically Metamask for iOS. You can create or import your wallet and once it's done, you can start interacting with dApps.