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Chapter I completed. Let’s talk about Provinces

Published on: January 31, 2018

Congratulations everyone, the last country have been purchased and we just completed Chapter I. To give you a quick stat we reached a pick of 15k page views / day in the last few days (we were at only 1k a week ago). This is very exciting! We tried to keep the prices low (less than 0.9 ETH) for the last countries and they were all gone in a matter of seconds (with someone paying a gas price of 1,000 GWEI at some point to validate its transaction faster than the others).

Congratulations to Iran that is currently winning Chapter I with more than 100K XP points and some crazy attack/defense stats. We will make sure that users don't forget Chapter I's winner.

I am very happy with the community that we created on Discord. Every new users is welcome and the conversation seems to be always very friendly, let's keep it that way. Even if KryptoWar is about fighting and winning, I want it to be a place where users feel comfortable and welcome all the time.

Before talking about provinces I want to address something. We saw some players selling their countries for a lot of ETH in Chapter I. While this is OK and might happen again in the future, I want to make sure that we don't turn this into a bad Ponzi game where people join only to make money (like some other games did). As I said before I really want KryptoWar to be a fun game that will last for years with frequent updates, not a game that goes crazy for a few weeks and then disappear while keeping some players disappointed. It's a game, not an investment!

If a country is too expensive for you don't buy it, if you feel like some players might be putting too much ETH in the game, talk to them and make sure it's ok with them. By doing this we will succeed and create a community that will enjoy playing together for years ❤️.

Let's talk about Provinces

Now, provinces, I know that you want to learn more about it and since the development of this new chapter is coming along very nicely I can share more details about how provinces will work. All of the information that you will read is still temporary and might be modified a bit before the release.

The provinces update will open Chapter II and should be released early next week. It will let level 3 countries create and sell provinces to new players. The number of provinces available per country will be limited when we launch and we will increase this limit as new users join the game.

At launch, provinces will be able to*:

  • Purchase soldiers and weapons to help their country win battles
  • Create and sell Gold to factories

*In future updates we will give provinces multiple abilities such as fighting, create specific businesses or even move to another country (there are multiple updates possible for provinces and you will see a lot of them in the coming weeks).

As you understood, the most important thing about provinces is that they will be able to create and sell gold to factories. They will be the only entities in the game able to do it which will make them really important. Factories will now be required to use Gold to produce weapons which they will have to buy (using ETH) to provinces.

An early screenshot of what the Gold market will look like

This will create a brand new Gold market. Country owners will keep a commission of 10% of every transactions between one of their province and a factory. The winning army will also get a commission on every Gold transaction. This update will come with multiple new factories being released.

Provinces will also be able to purchase some tools from their country to accelerate their production of Gold.


We will modify our Battle system as well. Now, countries will be able go to war only once every 6 or 24h. By doing so we will force countries to fight strong countries instead of attacking multiple times weak countries. In the future we might allow countries or provinces to earn/lose Gold by attacking other countries or provinces.

I am also thinking a lot about giving countries the ability to create alliances. While this won't be possible in this update it's definitely something that you should expect in the future.


Since we will change our battle system we will have to update our ranking system as well. First of all, since XP will be harder to win (with only one battle per 24h or 6h) we need to make sure that the game is not locked by countries that earned a lot of XP with the previous battle system. We will find a way to make the transition fair for both old players and new players. We will also integrate in the ranking the GDP generated by the country (by provinces selling gold to factories or by selling weapons with factories). We want the best countries to have a strong military while also thriving economically.


This update will be huge and should be able to give more players the ability to play with us while giving early players a strong advantage.